Internet Dating And Tinder

Internet dating can be a grind. If you are just starting and are getting nothing, or even if you get lucky now and then but still do not understand what you are doing, you are the only one to blame.

Tinder has revolutionized dating for an entire generation. It has never been so easy to streamline so many dates in such a short amount of time with so little effort. Tinder works as a speed date and allowing you to speak with multiple people at once, while at the same time providing the privacy and the possibility of meeting that particular person in a date atmosphere. All you have to do is to your match with a girl, shoot some banter back and forth, and get yourself a date.

If the girl has matched with you, that already means she is interested in you and considering meeting you. It also means that the girl is near you, so the distance plays on your side as well. All you have to do from now on is not to be stupid and not to ruin things for you.

Increase You Tinder Matches

Get yourself good photos. No mirror selfies, no shirtless selfies. The more candid, the better.

Get clear photos, show your face clearly, a full body shot, an action photo of you having a good time, a social photo with friends, and a photo with a dog to show your vulnerable side. Keep it simple.

Tinder is very visual, so you need quality pictures to increase matches. On the other hand, once you get good pictures, you will get many matches and start experiencing the opposite issue – too many matches!

Be Authentic

Avoid canned openers. Girls are bored, they have plenty of matches, and I assure you they have already seen everything under the sun. If you saw an opener online, she has already seen it too.

Instead, open with the first thing that comes to your mind. Don’t overthink it, just send it.

You don’t need to impress her. Tinder is not a job interview. Use small and simple words, be your goofy self without being too much of a clown, and you will be set.

Exchange Numbers And Set A Date

Tinder success comes from converting virtual leads into real dates as fast as possible. Get her number fast, exchange some other messages setting up a date – try going for a drink later the same night. Tinder moves fast and it is way too simple to be forgotten by a girl inundated with other guys messaging her nonstop.

Tinder is a numbers game. It is mathematical: the more people you get in touch with, the higher will be your chances of success. Don’t get fixated on one single person, go for the numbers and you are bound to find people interested in what the person you are right now, who want to meet you today and avoid time-wasters who are on Tinder just to get their validation fix for the day.