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To have a fulfilling long-term relationship, you should never rely on your achievements. It would cost you. Because of many erroneous beliefs about sex (like “women do not like sex”), this aspect of the relationship is neglected – oh so important in reality. There is no need to be a bedridden God to make a woman in love (only be good enough).

When one is too present in the life of one’s partner, one ends up systematically losing an aura of attractive and desirable man. It ends up taking us for granted, and the attraction takes a hit. It can wait 6 months, 1 year, 3 years maybe. But, sooner or later, all that will be left to you will be the feeling of emotional attachment that you feel (until it disappears in turn). Will she still be in love? Probably not.

And you, will you still be? No more. Because what is true in one sense is also true for the other: by dint of abusing good things, the presence of your partner will also less attract you. It will remain the attachment: you will still enjoy, you will have trouble to separate. But there will be something missing the attraction when it comes to dating.

But you do not want that kind of half-good relationship. You want the attraction to stay high. Not only during the first few months: as long as possible. For this is the rule: less time spent together, but better time. You can eat cheap chocolate every day until you get sick of it one day.

You can take quality chocolate once or twice a week, and continue to enjoy eating in the long run. Seeing you less often, if the time spent together is of high quality, you will fall back again and again, you and your partner will be beneficial to dating.

Install this new principle in your relationship. Better to see each other once, but spend a great day, than to see each other 6 times, but stay frozen in front of the TV. In the seduction community, we tend to perceive attraction as a phase that stops at the moment when a girl is liked. This is a big mistake: the attraction is a continuous phase, which never stops long after dating.

Even after having enough attraction to please someone, you must continue to maintain it. Because she is volatile. Being very attractive to a girl today does not guarantee you will be so again tomorrow. It’s an endless battle. In relation, you must make keeping the attraction your priority: have a good attitude all the time, keep an attractive appearance, avoid the pitfalls (shit-test, time management) that can degrade your attraction.

On the other hand, the better you are and the easier it will be to make your partner crazy about you. We can give several explanations for this.

First, make love a male characteristic DHV: it shows that you have experience with women, that you know how to deal with them, that you are a quality partner.

Then, because during orgasm women secrete a powerful hormone called oxytocin, and also called (not without reason) “the hormone of attachment”. This hormone is specially produced in the pregnant woman: this is what gives her this strong feeling of attachment she feels towards her child.

Also, because the need for sexual assuage in women, whatever one says, is very important – probably as much as ours. A woman who is not sexually satisfied in her relationship will develop a “desire from elsewhere”; she will want to meet another man who will better satisfy her needs.

Finally, in our society where sex is still a subject that is not well addressed (because it has long been taboo), it is rarely explained, but sex is above all the most emotionally intense experience that a man and woman can share.

For all these reasons, sex is fundamental in your relationship. Knowing how to make love is an essential prerequisite. The cinema often conveys the cliché of the couple so much in love with each other that they engage body and soul in their relationship. But the reality is different.

People give more value and attention to what is precarious, to what is never really acquired. This is also valid for men’s relationships. Women feel more attached to a man when they have the feeling that he could eventually end their relationship and replace it with another woman easily if she stopped the effort to keep it.

The truth is that to be truly in love, women need to feel very emotionally involved and play an active role in the relationship. They must make efforts to keep you happy in the relationship and attracted to it.

Therefore, you must clear an Aura that underlines that you are never fully acquired. That you can end the relationship if your partner is loosening his efforts too much.